Consulting Packages

JECorp consulting packages are unlike any other packages you might find from other companies. Our packages are designed to do one thing. Bring you MORE. We have a well-developed, four-step approach that produces fantastic results.

What does your company want MORE of; an increase in revenue, members, profits, visitors or perhaps sales... We will help you explore and understand what to focus on and where in your business to find the resources. From here we will help you outline a strategy to move forward with and which steps to take first. Not sure if this is right for you – just listen to the existing clients of John Ernst Corporation...

Basic Business Marketing

This service is a simple yet highly valuable product. Our experts will spend from 4-6 focused meetings with your executive staff to develop a deliberate plan that meets key objectives and consensus that will drive your business forward.

Many of our clients find themselves looking to the Internet with hopes of increasing their revenue and profits. They have an expectation of what the Internet can deliver to their business and have good intentions of delivering on those goals.

A well developed and deliberate online business strategy is essential to success. This online strategy should compliment and be congruent with its physical “brick & mortar” counterpart and be consistent in its messaging, brand and offerings.

John Ernst Corporation business experts have helped our clients to real profits, stronger brand and greater exposure all while reaching their goals that result in bottom line growth.

Let us help you focus on the things that can make the biggest impact on your business.

Online Web Strategies

These services are for businesses that have a well developed corporate and product brand and are ready for the Internet. Generally, they will have an existing website and are looking to achieve the next level of online objectives.

The Internet today is a complex and complicated playing field for today’s businesses. We help our clients understand that today’s Internet buyers are more demanding and prudent than ever before, and that winning their trust and ultimately their business is not something that can be left to chance if profits are to be made.

Developing strategies for our clients that build instant trust with their online audience is as important as communicating the most important product and value statements. Having trained experts by their sides to help them succeed online is the very service that our clients use to grow their businesses.

  Packages Start at $500.00